"My songs are inspired by a deep love of nature, birds,everyday miracles and the sacredness of life"

I began life as a dancer and later discovered singing and music. I have been writing, recording and performing since 1994 and continue to learn how to live daily by listening to and engaging in the beauty and magic of nature.

I am a bit of an optimist and believe that amidst this huge and complicated world full of so many wrong doings, there is still a ray of Light and Love that burns at the centre of our hearts and that each human being is inherently good and doing their best even if they are led astray. 

I believe music can heal and help us to remember that all of life is sacred and that it's OK now and again to turn off all of our devices and spend a day gazing at the clouds or walking in nature, listening to a flock of geese or getting still enough to hear the flutter of a tiny birds wings. I feel it is quite necessary to put things into context and remember just to breathe and be in the presence of life itself...

I hope you will enjoy my musical offerings and do feel free to get in touch and say hello!